Corona Virus Update

As dog grooming is not considered an essential service, (obviously most government decision makers are not dog owners), I've been blocked from visiting customers in New York. I am getting messages from clients asking what to do about their pets until this lockdown is over. I had a client ask me if he could cut his own dog's fur. At first, I told him yes, but when I went to explain to him how, I found that I couldn't articulate into words that he would understand what to do. So I'm going to attempt to give everyone some helpful tips on how to groom your own dogs until this is over.

​​6 Simple tips for in home grooming between grooming appointments!

1. Brush first, and then COMB your dogs every day. If they don’t like it, and they're small enough, you can put them up on the dryer or counter and see if that helps. Sometimes when they are up high, they tend to stay still better.

2. Do NOT wash a knotted dog. It only makes the knots worse. It tightens them up. When you are done rinsing the shampoo off your dog, rinse them again. When towel drying your dog, pat them rather than rubbing them, as rubbing tends to knot their fur! If you are blow drying your dog, continue brushing throughout the process.

3. If there is a knot on your dog that you can’t get out and you want to cut the knot out, if you have one, use a clipper. NEVER USE SCISSORS! Put the clipper blade flat against the skin. Stay aware of how warm the blade gets.

4. Sometimes, you can put some corn starch on the knots and brush them out. Just never get the knots wet.

5. If your dog is prone to getting poop stuck to their butt, use a wet wipe to wipe the area clean after they poop.

6. If you do end up with a patchy looking dog after a home haircut, groomers everywhere will be there to fix it when this nightmare is over.

If you have any questions text me @ (845) 821-6030, or send me an

email to Peter@youdirtydawg.com, and I will answer as quickly, and as best I can.

Finally, you can find many instructional videos on YouTube (Below).

Good Luck, and hope to see you soon!


This video gives tips on clipping your dog's nails.

This video gives tips on brushing your long haired dog.